10 Things I’ve Learned as a First Time Mum!

Here’s a list of things (big and small) I’ve learnt in the first few months of becoming a first time mum!

Welcome to the world, Meilir Wyn Griffith

You’ve followed my journey into motherhood, so it’s only fair that you know how Meilir Wyn Griffith made his journey earthside.

The Journey Up To Now: Week 39

A week until we tick off the big day on the calendar!
Talking all about my boring routine, a trip to shop last minute baby bits, and seeing my face in a newspaper! An update into my past week.

The Journey Up to Now: Week 38

A week of mixed emotions. From sheer happiness with my surprise baby shower, a shock hospital trip, to utter disappointment with even more bad news.

The Journey Up To Now: Week 37

An update of the past week, including my first full week on maternity leave, sciatica and FINALLY getting round to packing my hospital bag!

Window To The Womb – Our Experience

Our experience in Window to the Womb as we visited three times. A clinic that offers scans to suit any period of the pregnancy.

The Journey Up To Now: Week 36

My 36th week in pregnancy. Talking all things maternity leave, the exciting aspects of nesting and my weight gain!

A Letter to my Unborn Son

A letter to my unborn son. With five weeks to go until we get to meet, I thought I would tell you a bit about the world you’ll be coming into. See you son, mama’s boy x

The Journey Up To Now: Week 35

An update of my week, featuring antenatal classes, being so close to freedom and a bagel sized dilation!

My Pregnancy Essentials

Cymraeg There are so many changes that come with being pregnant. The different physical and mental changes can often become overwhelming. Because of this, it’s important to find stuff that will make your journey a little easier. I’ve created a list of my pregnancy essentials, and I hope that some of these items will beContinue reading “My Pregnancy Essentials”