The Journey Up To Now: Week 39



A week to go until it’s d-day! However, judging how late his parents were (we were both ten days overdue), it doesn’t look promising for an early arrival on Babi G! Still, we live in hope!

If I’m being completely honest, this past week has been so boring. From waking up in the morning, walking downstairs to complete my daily workout, drink my raspberry leaf tea and smoothie. Then, off I go upstairs to shower, slather myself in cocoa butter and take myself for a walk around the block whilst being in excruciating pain with my shins (see what I’m doing for you, son!). The days all morph into one by now and I can’t wait until the little man is here to change my monotonous routine.

Saying this, I went to Babi Cyntaf (a shop selling baby bits in Caernarfon) with my mam on Saturday (the 3rd) to see whether I needed any last minute bits. I’m actually quite glad that I left it so late on in my pregnancy because, OH MY GOD, I could’ve come out of the shop bankrupt with how many beautiful things there were! Also, myself and my mam noticed that this was the first shopping trip we’ve had together since I’ve fallen pregnant. Imagine that, nine months into pregnancy and that’s the first opportunity we had to go look at baby bits together! This wasn’t at all how I imagined my journey would be as I always thought that mam and I would prepare for our new roles as a mother and grandmother together!

With regards to the rest of the week, everything I do in my daily routine is contributing towards trying to get the little one out. Is it wrong that I’m completely over this pregnancy and it’s not even his due date?! Can anyone lend me some patience please?

Saying this, in the middle of the week I started to feel cramps in my tummy at night. I started to think to myself “oh my god here we go, he’s coming, I won’t have to wait much longer to meet my baby boy!!” …Turns out I just needed to fart. Nightmare.

Oh, before I forget to mention! One exciting thing that happened this past week was your gal’s face was on Golwg (a Welsh newspaper)! I feel very grateful that I was given the chance to post my Covid blog onto the Golwg website, especially as this blog just tends to be me chatting nonsense (and moaning quite a bit) about all things pregnancy! Thank you to the newspaper for giving me the opportunity.

Things to do this coming week:

  • Get this baby out
  • Get this baby out
  • Get this baby out

Speak soon,

Annest x

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