The Journey Up to Now: Week 38


To think that I’m on my maternity leave in the middle of a pandemic, the time is flying by!

On Saturday, Danny mentioned that he wanted to pop into B & Q and the local garden centre to look at plants and flowers for us to have in the garden, but he didn’t want to leave the house until around 3:30p.m. I thought this was a bit odd as Danny is the type of person who wants to be out of the door first thing in the morning or not at all, but with any excuse to leave the house, I didn’t question it!

Unbeknown to me, my amazing best friend and mother were busy sorting my baby shower!!

We arrived home to the usual hugs and kisses from the dogs, and the living room door was shut. Odd, as it was wide open before we left. Danny asked me to fetch something from the room and I opened the door to balloons, bunting, amazing cakes and so many presents!! “What the f***?!” were the exact words that came out of my mouth at that point. Funny as it was only a couple of days before I was thinking about my mate’s baby shower she had pre-Covid and feeling a bit deflated that I wouldn’t have a baby shower. I was wrong! With the best friends and mother in the world, I had the loveliest Zoom baby shower. I knew beforehand that Babi Griffith was a very lucky little one, but I never noticed just how lucky he was to have so many people that love him until that day.

However, you’ll all know that I’m very honest with you, and today’s no exception. Playing bingo on Zoom with women, gin and wine is not ideal (especially if you have your two Nains – grandmothers – on the line!).  Number called, Nain: what number was that now? Number was repeated. Nain: was that a 60 or a 16? Give me strength. Lucky we all know how my Nain is!

From being on top of the world on Saturday, to waking up on Sunday morning and finding out about the Covid case spike in our area. Shit. This brought me crashing back down to reality. The pandemic is still here, and it’s still affecting people’s lives. With a mixture of hormones, crap news and feeling a bit fed up, Sunday was a day to forget. I felt utter guilt for bringing my son into a world riddled with a virus, welcoming my parents and in-laws’ first grandchild into the world at a time like this, and being gutted over our first experience of being parents, and it took its toll on me. But, quick enough, Doctor Dan was on the case to make me smile. Instead of having an afternoon of dwelling over the difference in our son’s first few months to what we were lucky enough to experience, I laughed all afternoon whilst watching Danny trying to work out the different baby contraptions.

New week, new mindset they say. And Monday was exactly this. I wasn’t going to let this crappy virus affect my mood any longer, so I set up a daily routine. Wake up, coffee, workout, walk, colostrum harvesting, drink my raspberry tea, bounce on my ball and repeat the last three things twice again. Isn’t it mad what a routine can do to your mental health? You instantly have a purpose for your days as you know exactly what’s on the cards for the foreseeable. With every bounce, every swig of tea, every drop of milk, and every step I took, I was hoping that Babi G was preparing to make his grand entrance. Any signs of him? Do I heck. He’s way too snug in mam’s belly at the moment! He’ll come into the world whenever he’s ready (just as long as it’s not after 40 weeks – mama’s getting impatient!!).

Spring has sprung, and it’s sunny in Wales – who’d have thought?! It’s so nice to be able to sit in the garden and to catch a bit of that vitamin D. The warmer days are making me so excited for the days out we’ll have as a family of five. I can picture myself pushing the pram, and Danny walking the dogs. Also, the days where Babi Griffith will go for walks with his mam and nain. Better days are coming, and about bloody time!!

I had my midwife appointment on Thursday. My bump was measuring fine, I took blood and the midwife asked how his movements had been. At that moment I thought to myself “I haven’t really felt him move that much this morning” so I mentioned that to her. Next thing, I was driving myself to the hospital for a CTG to monitor his movements!

In true Babi G fashion, the second the monitor was placed on my tummy, he was dancing away in there. He was just having a lazy bloody morning after all. We’ll have our hands full with this one, I’m sure of it! But obviously, this wasn’t ever an inconvenience as it’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

Oh I forgot to mention, it’s officially the month where we’ll become parents, how mad is that?! It feels like we’ve been waiting so long for this, so to finally reach April and know that at some point this month we’ll become mam and dad is the best feeling in the world. However, there’s a fortnight until his due date. Do you think he’ll be here on time, or will he be awkward and make us all wait? Only time will tell.

My to-do list for the upcoming week:

  • Read more books (thank you for all your recommendations on my Instagram and to the lovely girls who let me borrow some books!)
  • Wash his crib sheets
  • Enjoy more of the sun until it disappears for weeks
  • Carry on with my daily routine

Speak soon,

Annest x

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