The Journey Up To Now: Week 37


And there we have it, another week passed! These weeks are flying by!

I have now passed the 37-week mark, which means I’ve finally reached full term!! Hopefully in a matter of weeks, Babi Griffith will be in this world and will be filling our hearts as much as he’ll be filling his nappies!

Last week marked my first full week on maternity leave, and I made it a very productive one.

  • Fitting the car seat in the car? Check. I’m sure our neighbours thought I was a mad woman hoovering the car at 7:30p.m after the sun went down. Just shows what nesting does to you!
  • Moses basket is all set up in the lounge? Check
  • Washed all his clothes? Check
  • Binged on every type of crap reality TV? Also check.

Another thing I did this week was pack our hospital bags, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen what I included in my hospital bags. Click on these links if you missed the videos, part 1 is my hospital bag, and part 2 is the little one’s bag. Thank you to everyone who messaged me with their recommendations of any extra bits I should include. Some included maternity pads (a bit obvious really, but I’ll learn!), a blanket for the little one (and not just to put in the car as I was planning), a dressing gown for mama and socks for the baby just in case his circulation isn’t as good at the start which would restrict heat from getting into his little toes.

In addition to this, I mentioned on the video that I’ve packed Aptamil ready-made milk, but I was told by a midwife and a mother that in the hospital that I’ll be giving birth, they only use SMA and Cow and Gate. With this, if the little man would finish the six bottles that are included in the Aptamil pack, I wouldn’t be able to mix his food with any other brands. I thought this point was really handy to whoever will be giving birth in Ysbyty Gwynedd who are planning to feed their babies formula.

As I passed 36 weeks, I got the go ahead from my midwife to start harvesting my colostrum. They say that the oxytocin released whilst stimluating nipples can actually be a natural way to induce labour. My midwife didn’t have to convince me anymore! Anything to ensure that we don’t have to wait too long to meet the little man! I’m now a week into harvesting, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much colostrum I’ve been able to harvest! Go me!

If you read last week’s update, one of my goals for the forthcoming week was to go for a half-hour walk every day to try and get my exercise in, and also to try and force him out (I’m so impatient!!). Unfortunately, this seems less and less likely as I’m now struggling with my shins. I only need to walk the dogs for five minutes until I’m contemplating whether or not I’ve forgotten how to walk! I go so flat-footed and every step causes my foot to get tighter and tighter whilst the shin gets more sore! Ouch!

I haven’t suffered too bad during this pregnancy, I’m quite lucky in comparison to other women’s horror stories, but I feel since I’ve passed the 36/37 week mark, my body’s just shutting down on me. Between the painful shins and the sheer exhaustion, I’m a write off! To add to this, I didn’t sleep a wink on Thursday night as I had AWFUL pains going through both of my bum cheeks. According to Google (my personal doctor) it sounded a bit like sciatica. I am praying to God that he was just lying on a sciatic nerve that night instead of being sciatica, because that shit is NOT NICE. Don’t you think it’s baffling how a woman’s body can go through so many changes in the pregnancy, go through that trauma of childbirth, only to have your body go back to functioning normally after a few weeks? Mental!

My to-do list for the next week:

  • Carry on harvesting colostrum
  • Rest and relax whenever I feel necessary
  • Attend my midwife appointment
  • Try everything I can to get this little man out!!

Speak soon,

Annest x

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