The Journey Up To Now: Week 36



As of 5 p.m. last night, my out of office has been switched on, and I am officially on maternity leave! I have the best colleagues, and myself and Babi G have been showered with the loveliest gifts! Thanks everyone!

It’s been quite a week between everything. The week started off with us celebrating Danny’s 30th birthday in lockdown on Friday. Regardless of the restrictions, I tried to give him the best day, just as a way to thank him for being the biggest support, especially during the last nine months (that’s right – I’M IN MY NINTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY. WTF?!). We celebrated with plenty of cake that my mother-in-law baked, sweets from a lovely business based in Llanrug (follow them on Insta – dada_s2021 – their pick and mix boxes are amazing!) and a big fat Indian takeaway… the dream.

Saturday was my mam’s birthday (trust me to fall in love with a man who has his birthday a day before my mam!). Luckily, the stay at home restrictions were lifted from the 13th March which meant I got to see my mother (socially distanced) in the garden.

On Sunday, it was my turn to be spoilt, and Danny did not disappoint. I was woken up to a lovely coffee in my mummy mug, a beautiful bunch of flowers and two cards waiting for me (one from the little man and one from the dogs of course). He then cooked my favourite dish in the world – lasagne. Mega brownie points for dad!

I’d just like to thank everyone who messaged me about the blog post I wrote on Sunday for my son. It was a letter that I wanted him to have forever, and to be able to read it in years to come, so it meant a lot when I had mothers contacting me saying that they could resonate with my words.

I went for my 35/36 week midwife appointment on Wednesday where I had to be weighed. If you know me, I don’t ever weigh myself as I always say that if you feel good, and you know you’re living a healthy lifestyle, scales can just be a factor of jeopardising this. However, it did still sting a bit when I saw the number on the scales (which will remain a secret!!). I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince myself that the vast majority of the weight gain is the baby, wishfully thinking that all the extra weight will disappear once he’s here. What did I do to make myself feel better? Scoff a chocolate bar in my gob. God help me.

I was also told that his head is engaged, which is slightly terrifying but mostly so exciting as we’re officially counting the days. As of today, we’ve got 30 days until D-day (shit shit shit!!!).

In my appointment, I wrote my birth plan with the midwife. What I’d love to have is a straight forward water birth in the midwife led unit with a quick and easy discharge afterwards. What will I get? Only the little man knows.

We also set the pram up on Wednesday night, and I just had the sense of realisation that only in a matter of weeks, my little boy will be lying in that very pram and my life pre-baby will all be a blur as we go into the most magical venture possible. I CAN’T WAIT.

As I said at the start of the post, I am now officially on maternity leave. I’ve planned so many exciting things, starting today when I got to wash his clothes to sort his hospital bag (I know, I still haven’t gotten around to do it!). This is how boring my life has become. Nesting has taken over, and it’s now the only thing I consider as ‘fun.’ I am such a grandma at heart!

My routine for the foreseeable will be – morning workout, bounce on my ball, raspberry leaf tea, walk, repeat. Once he turns full term, he’s given an eviction notice!!

Things to do in the coming week:-

  • Start hand expressing (I’ll let you know how I get on with this)
  • Drink three cups of raspberry leaf tea a day
  • Fit the car seat in the car (eeek!!)
  • Try to go for a half-hour walk every day

Speak soon,

Annest x

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