My Pregnancy Essentials


There are so many changes that come with being pregnant. The different physical and mental changes can often become overwhelming. Because of this, it’s important to find stuff that will make your journey a little easier.

I’ve created a list of my pregnancy essentials, and I hope that some of these items will be helpful for any mama to be to ensure you have the most comfortable and happy pregnancy!


I cannot begin to explain how much I love my pillow! I bought mine when I was around 16 weeks and I’m so glad I bought it as early as I did. As the months pass and your tummy gets bigger, simple things like sleeping and sitting get more uncomfortable. Also, they say that pregnant women shouldn’t sleep on their back, especially in their final trimester, as it increases the chance of stillbirths. The pillow I have is a U-shaped pillow which is great if you’re like me and you sleep on your stomach and back. Obviously it’s a bit impossible sleeping on your stomach when you have a large ball-sized belly!

I also feel that the pillow works miracles on my lower back by taking the majority of the strain away from it.

Bamibi Pregnancy Pillow – this is the pillow I have. The most important thing I felt when buying a pillow was to find one that had good reviews but wasn’t going to break the bank like a LOT of pregnancy items tend to do.



I always thought I’d be one of these glam mams-to-be who always dressed up in their pregnancies. Judging by the name of my blog, I was very wrong! As the months pass, I lose more motivation to dress up daily, and everyday consists of looking in the cupboard to see which tracksuit bottoms I have for the day. I’d rather be comfortable than look nice at the moment, and I’m sure that a lot of mothers would agree with me!

Believe me, everything related to pregnancy or maternity immediately means increased prices. Normal fit pyjamas? £20.00. Maternity pyjamas? £30.00. Daylight bloody robbery!! Because of this, I find loungewear ideal as the fabric stretches as you stretch (and there’s a LOT of stretching involved in nine months of growing a child!).


One staple that should be in every pregnant woman’s cupboard is a good pair of maternity leggings. They’re so handy as they can be worn casually, but you can also dress them up which is essential if you’re like me who’s still working in the office that has a smart clothes policy.

I find leggings so comfy as they don’t press on the stmoach, and most importantly, they don’t press on the bladder. Anything to try and reduce the toilet trips as much as possible!!


As a Christmas present, Danny bought me some dungarees. Before this, I didn’t really think about dungarees whilst pregnant as they can be a bit of a pain when going to the toilet, but these are great.

Asos Dungarees – these are the dungarees I have. They’re a really light and comfortable fabric which is stretchy enough to last until the end of my pregnancy.

If you’re due around the same time as I am (mid-April) or the start of the summer, these dungarees are ideal as they’re a lighter fabric than denim which gets a bit hot in the sunnier days.

Maternity jeans

Although I don’t really wear mine that often, I still think it’s important to have a pair or two of maternity jeans in your wardrobe. I’d recommend to get the type that have an over the bump band as I find these much more comfortable on the belly, and they don’t feel like they’re falling down throughout the day. As I mentioned before, maternity clothing can be a bit more expensive than normal clothing, therefore Ebay was my best friend for jeans. I bought a pair of Topshop Jamie and H & M mom jeans (with tags still on) for £10, instead of paying over £40 each for the same jeans in the store. NO BRAINER. Dorothy Perkins also sell good quality maternity jeans. Mam bought me a pair for work, and they’re very comfortable!

Non-underwire bras

 At the start of my pregnancy, I didn’t think I’d need to spend on more comfortable bras as I have some from Ann Summers that are so comfy (and I’d bloody hope so with their prices!!). But, quick enough, my bump and boobs were growing to the extent that my bra was being swallowed into my stomach which was getting really uncomfortable throughout the day.

I found that TK Maxx for comfy bras without having to break the bank. I bought two bras that came with knickers in a set, and a pair of bras that go over the head (similarly to sports bras) for £25.00 instead of paying £16.00 each in stores like M & S and Next.


Before I fell pregnant, I naively thought that the only physical changes were on the outside, but there are so many internal changes that happen throughout the nine months of growing your child. With this, it’s important for me to keep my health at tip-top condition (or as much as I can!).

Pregnancy vitamins

If you’ve read my blog post on the first ten things I did after falling pregnant, you’ll know that pregnant women need 400mg of folic acid and 10mg of vitamin D daily. Therefore, instead of taking a lot of different tablets each day, I bought Pregnacare vitamins which include all the necessary vitamins and additional vitamins that are beneficial for pregnant women.

Water bottle

Water is deemed even more essential whilst pregnant. It’s important to produce amniotic fluid, create more blood volume, carry the nutrients and to flush any waste and toxins out of your body. Pregnancy can also make you prone to piles and constipation (oh the glamour!), so it’s important to drink enough fluids.

I’d highly recommend to buy a reusable bottle – save the planet like David Attenborough says! I have a bottle that stays cold for eight hours, and I literally can’t leave the house with it!


I can’t explain how much these have helped me. Especially in my third trimester, my heartburn has been so painful at times. Because the baby’s growing, my organs have been moved upwards which includes the stomach, and this causes the baby to press on my stomach.

Gaviscon is another option to help with indigestion, but personally I find Rennies better as they come in tablets which can be chucked in your handbag if you’re on the go.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

I’ve found that cocoa butter has reduced my chances of getting stretch marks. Yes, I do have some marks on my boobs but *touch wood* I haven’t got any on my stomach. I know they say that genes are a big factor on whether or not you get stretch marks, but I’d like to think that the cocoa butter has made some sort of difference. It’s very moisturising and it’s easy to get ahold of in stores like Home Bargains and B & M.

I’ve also tried Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter which is also really nice on the skin. It’s a bit more pricey than Palmers but it rubs into the skin really smoothly without being greasy.


I did little to no exercise in my first trimester as the exhaustion and nausea took ver any sort of motivation to move my body. But, it’s completely true when they say that you get a sudden spurt of energy in your second trimester. From 14 weeks I decided to find something to keep me active for the upcoming six months.


After trying a few Youtube videos and knowing that my personal motivation is poor, I knew that I needed to find something that would force me to persevere. For me, it was money. I’m one of these people that’s determined to use something if I’ve paid for it, so I signed up to the RWL app which costs £19.99 monthly. I’d recommend this app to EVERY pregnant woman (and non-pregnant) as it offers so many different workouts which can suit all women.

For the pregnant women, it’s great as the app has divided the workouts to three sections which are the three trimesters. They include exercises such as yoga, pilates and weight lifting.

JOIN – this link allows you to sign up for free for the first 14 days to ensure you’re enjoying the app before you start paying the monthly membership.

Fitness ball

I bought my fitness ball around the 20-week mark when my bump was starting to get a bit heavy.

By working in an office, my back tends to get sore after sitting in the chair all day. With this, I try to bounce on my ball for ten minutes daily which works miracles on my back. Bouncing on a ball also helps with my posture which easily deteriorates whilst pregnant due to the extra weight that comes with carrying a child.

I also like using the ball when I do yoga exercise as some movements (child’s pose etc) are getting harder as the time passes due to the bump being in the way (story of my life at the moment).

Caffeine alternatives

If you’re anything like myself, that first sip of coffee in the morning just helps me start my day, and it would be almost impossible to cut this out of my daily routine. As the NHS recommends that the maximum daily caffeine intake is 200mg for pregnant women, and how much I like my cups of tea, I decided to buy decaff teabags. I can honestly say that I can’t see any difference between the two. The strength, the taste and the colour’s exactly the same. I don’t think I’ll even go back to caffeinated tea after giving birth.

And there we have it, my life-savers throughout my journey into motherhood. From clothing, to pillows, to exercise. I hope this has been or will be helpful to any of you some day.

Speak soon,

Annest x

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