The journey up to now: Week 33


And there goes another week!

The nursery furniture arrived on Friday and operation baby prep is well under way! I can’t explain how CUTE his clothes look hung up in the wardrobe! I’m slightly jealous of his clothes – he’ll be a lot more stylish than his mam!

You’ll be happy to hear that I’m still engaged and we barely argued after nearly 12 hours of furniture building. Saying that, I did have a little hormonal cry at one point because building flat packs at 32 weeks is not a good idea… My back was in PIECES by the end, but, nothing an order of jumbo sausage and chips from the chippy wouldn’t fix!

Saturday was an organisation day. I sorted all of baby G’s clothes and kept them in his new drawers and wardrobe. I nearly cried about 10 times (hormones) just thinking that in a matter of weeks, he’ll be wearing the clothes. AAAGGGH! During the sorting, it made me realise that he needs waaaaay more clothes than what he has! I think I counted around eight baby grows, and with the amount that he’ll be pooping and spewing, he’ll be going through those eight in a day. Sorry credit card, I need you again!

Whilst the credit card was out, I decided to make a dent in my hospital bag buying. I bought all my stuff from Boots and I managed to earn worth £13.83 in points which will be handy to buy essentials some other time. One of the things I bought were the Aptamil 1 Formula Starter Pack which looked handy as the bottles come pre-made. Even though I hope to breastfeed, I thought it would be best to buy some formula for the little one just in case he won’t take my breast. Before anyone says anything – a fed baby is best. No judgements here, please!

My son is currently measuring the same as a lion cub. That baffles my mind given the size of a lion cub. How the hell does it fit in my belly?! We’re just amazing, aren’t we?

The munchies have arrived, and they are BAD. Do you know what I had for lunch on Tuesday? Carrot cake. I DON’T EVEN LIKE CARROT CAKE!! It’s as if my head tells me that I need to eat everything I see. I’m literally like a hoover going around and inhaling everything!

Things to do in the coming week:

  • Exercise (my goal from last week went down the drain.. oops!)
  • Buy some comfy pyjamas for my hospital bag
  • Shave my legs because I genuinely can’t remember the last time I did…

Speak soon,

Annest x

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